We are back operating, staying as safe as possible. We have taken all the steps we can to reduce contact and to keep our staff safe. We would like to thank you too, for following the guide lines set out to keep safe during COVID-19 and staying the 2 meters distance from our staff, providing them with toilets and clean washing facilities and understanding that you cannot come into our depot at the moment, and we can’t go into yours.

Sports Turf Mechanical is also working, Simon is available for urgent repairs if required, but while he’s more depot based at the moment, don’t forget that your reels need some loving care.  We have been getting some reels in that are so rusted up and damaged that the condition of the turf surfaces must be taking a hit. These damaged units take a lot of extra work, and may result in a charge to cover the extra HOURS that it takes to work on these.

I have attached 2 photos of grass, one showing the results from using nice sharp blades on your reel mower as opposed to the other, not using a reel mower, or a blunt cutting surface.

As I always say, sharp blades produce healthy turf, less chance for disease to get into the turf, so less chemicals (which are expensive),  less wear & tear on the mower and best of all, a nicer looking mow.

Also I hope you have checked out our video of the Gravel Bander we have just taken ownership of, Hamish is very excited about its many possibilities, and he’s managed to get one project completed with it prior to lockdown, so he’s had some practice. Check it out and give Hamish a call if you have any questions.

Stay safe and we’ll see you soon.

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