Spring/Summer 2021

Welcome to spring/summer, for a while we didn’t think it was ever going to stop raining, but it did and now the heat is setting in. Hawkes Bay looks like its going to be another scorcher and ground in Manawatu is hardening as I write this.

We also welcomed Dan on board as a Full Time operator, so the theory was for Hamish to be able to get around his clients more but he’s as busy as ever on the tools as the range of our services expands

It was difficult getting all the work done around the weather and Delta but the team got back on track and are now busy with all sorts of renovations on the turf. We have a range of new gear, so lots of learning going on, but great results.

The team have been busy with Gravel Banding which have had some great results. If you have a problem with your drainage not working, it’s usually because of compaction on your surface ground, stopping the water from moving down to the drain. The Gravel bander crosses over the drainage lines in the opposite direction, forming channels of pea metal for the water to get to your drains, it will also help decompact the ground.

Hamish has also talked me into purchasing a Stripper, (not that sort!) we use this to strip a layer of grass/soil off and it can be replaced with new soil & seed very easily and efficiently. It is also great for making those paths you need on your course or around the school. We strip out a layer and then fill it with Lime chip and compact. A very inexpensive way of forming a path.

There is also Maxi Scrapper (Drag Scoop) in the shed, which assists with those level problems. It will scrap from the high points and put into the low points (in a simplified way of explaining it) we are also in the process of setting up laser levelling capability. The attached picture is Hamish spreading some soil on a rugby field to fill the bumps and hollows. It is very effective.

And a couple of new Deutz-Fahr tractors to complete the upgrade, as usual light footed and turf tyres.

So as you can see, we have been busy expanding our services. If you want to know more, check out the pictures on our web site or give Hamish a call 021 623423.

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