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Sports Turf Renovators 2007 Ltd

Sports Turf Renovators 2007 Ltd are all about decompaction and aeration. We know that a healthy well drained, un-compacted soil produces a healthy strong turf. The better the turf, the better results for the end user.

We have been operating since 2007, we have a great team who have acquired vast knowledge over the years. We take pride in our work, ensuring a great result on your turf.

Our fleet of light soft footed tractors and implements are fitted with turf tyres which vastly lessens our footprint on your turf. Our team can offer:

  • Verti-draining – various size tines – solid & hollow

  • Coring & harvesting cores
  • Scarifying with specialized sweeper
  • Dimple Seeding
  • Gravel Banding - drainage
  • Turf Stripping – great for levelling or building pathways
We also offer:

  • Mole Plouging
  • Sand, Clay & Soil Spreading
  • Sweeping or grooming Turf
  • Fertiliser spreading
  • Line Marking
If you are a Sports Venue, Golf Course, Bowls, Croquet, Tennis club, School, Council, Racecourse or have an Event lawn, contact us and discuss your requirements or issues. We are here to help.

From This

To This

26 Days After Seeding


Gentle on your turf

Turf Stripper

Take the top off Sports Fields, Greens, Tees, Surrounds almost anything turf related. 

Gravel Banding

The 3 tons gravel band drainer is designed for installing a secondary drainage system with minimal disruption to the playing surface.

Verti Drain 7521

The Work Horse of Decompaction
• Sports Fields • Fairways
• Racecourses • Event Lawns

Graden Swing Wing Scarifier and Turf Sweeper

• Cricket Wickets • Sports Fields
• Golf Greens • Croquet Lawns
• Schools

Verti Drain 7416

Superior Penetration and Kick
• Croquet Lawns • Bowling Greens
• Golf Greens • Sports Fields

Dimple Seeder

For new & established turf areas
No turf down time

Aercore 1500

& Core Harvester For The Cleanup
For all turf surfaces

Modern soft footed fleet


I first experienced Shelton gravel bander over 25years ago so was fully aware of what could be achieved when used on an underperforming primary drainage. The Manawatu Athletic Track was one such situation with surface water unable to penetrate the 100mm of topsoil to reach the system below.

Sportsturf Renovators undertook the project with Gravel bands at metre centers connecting down to the pea metal below and then topped with 25mm of turf sand to the surface.

Field surface disruption was minimal, the project was well managed and proved very cost effective.

The success won’t be fully measured until the middle of next winter, but football is excited about better utilisation of the facility, with the possibility of a full season training and matches under floodlights without weather disruptions  

Gary Mack
Grounds Manager - Massey University

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