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Redexim Turf Stripper 1200

Take the top off Sports Fields, Greens, Tees, Surrounds almost anything turf related. Also great for making pathways around the school or Golf Course.

Gravel bander video

The 3 tons gravel band drainer is designed for installing a secondary drainage system with minimal disruption to the playing surface.

Fast, powerful, aggressive yet gentle on your turf

Our Graden Swing Wing Scarifyer adds a new dimension to scarifying with 8 tungsten tips on each blade giving maximum dethatch with minimum disruption, follows the contours of the ground.

Maximum decompaction with minimal disruption

The Verti-drain lifts the turf from underneath, breaking up the compaction leaving the surface intact. Improves your drainage, root development and general turf health.

Aercore 1500

For a faster and more efficient coring, enabling us to now core Fairways, Sports fields, Racecourses and more, while still being small enough for the Golf greens and croquet courts. Full range of tines from 3/8 Quads to 3/4.

Redexim SpeedSeed 1600 – Dimple Seeder

The Speedseed is ideal for turf areas where economy and random seed dispersement are important. No down time for your turf area, quick and efficient.

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